The Best Tifos in June

There was no messing around this month

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Supporters around the country came prepared in June, creating some stellar tifos to honor Pride Month, Juneteenth and a new stadium opening. Check out the best of the best below.

Atlanta United

Supporter groups from Atlanta United set the bar high with this Juneteenth tifo.

Tifo Queen Vera Zeigler went in-depth on the process behind the tifo’s ideation and creation on the For The Culture Soccer Show podcast.  

This was something that came about from the start of the season, with everything that went on in 2020, and the energy of a year ago, there was a need to say more, not just from the people, but from the club, players, everybody.

The beautiful thing is that it came from the players. The players wanted to say something, the Black players in the club that have come together with the league, wanted to make sure that Juneteenth weekend was felt in more ways than it usually is. 

All the supporter groups came together on this...and we had the opportunity to get on a call with Miles [Robinson] and [George] Bello and [Anton] Walkes and...just hear what they wanted to say. Being able to sit and talk with them, and also in our own reflection, think about what we really wanted to say in this moment, that was unified all together.

Between John Lewis, everything he’s given to this country, and being the leader that he’s been for this city, and his message to the youth of this country, and especially this city, to keep going, to keep persevering. Through the darkest times, there is light, but you have to keep going, you have to keep that same energy. In so many words that was the message that we wanted to convey. 

The two-poles in the crown had words from the players, words from John Lewis, Stacey Abrams, some of my own words, set into actual fonts that were used in the civil rights movement. That message, that going backwards is not an option, standing still is not enough...That’s the messaging behind this tifo, and collaboration with all of the supporters groups in Atlanta, and the clubs and players for Atlanta United. Actually being able to do this has definitely made this my proudest tifo, and my favorite tifo. There’s nothing bigger than when you get to represent your people, and have a powerful message that resonates beyond the pitch.


The 3252 dropped a Bob Marley-inspired tifo on Juneteenth as well. The occasion was made even more special with Marley’s son Ziggy in attendance as LAFC’s honorary falconer for the match.

Austin FC

Supporters of Austin FC have not been shy about announcing their arrival into Major League Soccer, and they did not disappoint with a massive, stunning tifo honoring the history and legacy of Austin icons. It featured musicians Stevie Ray Vaughn and Willie Nelson, actor and Austin FC co-owner Matthew McConaughey, Chicano poet Raul Salinas, civil rights leader and politician Barbara Jordan and peace activist Leslie Cochran as well as several Austin cultural references. 

The tifo, which was designed by local muralist Luis Angulo, was about 6 months in the making and required more than 300 volunteers and 100 gallons of paint.

AO Austin

Austin FC was not the first team to play in Q2 Stadium however, an honor reserved for the U.S. Women’s National Team, and the Austin branch of the American Outlaws unveiled a tifo fitting of the moment. Featuring Crystal Dunn, along with the text “Christened By Queens” the tifo was designed by local artist Al Polston.

Black Swans

The Orland Pride SG unveiled a rainbow-styled tifo honoring the 49 victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting at the Pride’s June 20th match against NJ/NY Gotham FC. They also displayed smaller tifos with the names of each victim.

Emerald City Supporters

The Seattle Sounders SG displayed a Pride-themed tifo for their June 26th match against Vancouver, proclaiming "Our City. Our Club. Our Love. Together with Pride."