Thank You From American Tifo

No full newsletter today, just a deep and heartfelt thanks from me for all of the love, stories and, well, support, that I've felt from the American supporter community.

I started this back in September as a way to reconnect with some of the friends that I'd made through my time at COPA90, make inroads with SGs I hadn't met yet, and, to be quite honest, give me a little bit more purpose as we navigate these continually choppy and uncharted waters of 2020. And oh boy, did you guys show up in all of these ways.

The past 10 weeks have only reaffirmed the beliefs I had when I first started all of this, that supporters in the U.S. and Canada are some of the most generous people that exist, and that they possess some of the most beautiful and worthwhile stories I've ever heard.

So please know that I am thankful for all of you. My old and new friends in Detroit, LA, Dallas, New York, DC, New Mexico, Columbus, Madison, Chicago, Reno, Louisville, Indianapolis, Nashville, Miami, Omaha, and everywhere else I missed. The minute we can get on planes again, I'm coming to every single one of your cities.

I'm so excited to continue telling the stories of North American supporter culture as it continues to grow and define itself against the backdrop of the beautiful game in this country.

Also, I am endlessly thankful for Patrick Infurna, who has had an unseen but immeasurable influence on this. I text Patrick almost daily most weeks, to ask for ideas, connections, and inspiration, and he delivers every time. Most of you probably know him (and this fact) anyway, but, he is one of the most passionate, kind, dedicated supporters out there.

Now, the standard stuff:

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Thank you so much for your support. I’ll see you next week.